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Rocked by heat and climate breakdown, the Mont Blanc valley looks into its future

After new rocks fall, French gendarmes monitor the main route up to the Mont Blanc. Le Dauphiné.
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Temperature increase may reach +1.5° in next five years

Stranded boat on a dried out shore by Lake Gruyère, which experienced less rainfall this year than usual. (Laurent Gillieron / KEYSTONE)
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ICRC's call for action on climate and war

Farmer in Sofara, Mali, says extreme heat and drought followed by drenching rains destroy everything. (Samuel Turpin/ICRC)

"When Rain turns to Dust", a new ICRC report

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Fighting Covid and climate change: What does this mean for climate science?

Graffiti sketch of the planet Earth in Pennsylvania, USA. (Matt Rourke/Keystone)
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French Citizens' Assembly delivers a roadmap for stabilizing the climate

Citizens' Convention co-chair Laurence Tubiana and members celebrate the development of the climate proposal. © CCC