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The first woman on Zurich soil worked little and ate sweets

Martin Bachmann / Cantonal archeology of Zurich

Repression is a well-known phenomenon in human psychology. Humans secretly consider themselves immortal. The idea that once there was a world, where there was no canton of Zurich and no Langstrassenquartier and, of course, no Kern school building, is alien to the Zeitgeist. But now, Zurich City Archaeology have analysed the mortal remains of a Celtic woman discovered during the renovation of a school building.

Why it matters. It was not the Romans but the Celts who laid the foundation stone for today's Zurich. The discovery of the grave of a person who lived over two thousand years ago two metres below the ground level during the renovation of a school building should actually shake the human notion of perceptual constancy because the transience of human existence is laid bare – we are only the famous blink of an eye in history.

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