Geneva Solutions is a new journalistic platform dedicated to covering Genève internationale. We will be launching our website ( along with a daily newsletter in August 2020, covering daily news on Peace & Humanitarian, Climate , Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance, and Technology. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic we have opted for an early-release of our Global Health news stream, which starting April 2020 provides insights into how the institutions and people in Geneva are responding to this crisis.

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Investment in youth seen as 'urgent' as unemployment soars due to Covid

Young graphic designer teleworking in UAE. (Keystone / Mahmoud Khaled)
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Project Drawdown: how to reverse global warming by 2050

Cover of the Drawdown Review 2020
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Can new leadership fix the World Trade Organization's existential crisis?

(left-right) Among the 8 formally nominated WTO DG candidates; Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Abdel-Hamid Mamdouh. Source: Frederick Abbott.

Sortir de la crise, la newsletter qui aborde les enjeux de la sortie de crise selon une thématique différente

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Clean and profitable solutions from the shores of Lake Geneva

Following the success of his first solar flight around the world, Bertrand Piccard set himself a new goal: 1000 clean and profitable solutions to preserve the earth. (Credit: Keystone)
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Latest research reinforces link between air pollution and serious Covid-19 illness

Cyclist wears a mask in Bangkok, Thailand to protect from dual threats, Covid-19 and air pollution | Keystone / EPA / Diego Azubel
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UN seeks over $10 billion for COVID-19 response

Masked Palestinian workers at the United Nation Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) loading food aid rations for refugees. (Mohammed Saber / KEYSTONE)
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Nature first is good for business, says World Economic Forum

A wind turbine above Entlebuch in the canton of Lucerne. (Credit: Keystone)
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Climate change hits Central African Republic in its border zones

Forces from MISCA, the African Union-led peacekeeping mission, guard the Catholic church in Carnot, Central African Republic as a herd of goats walks past. (Credit: Keystone)

Part II of our "Rain to Dust" series based on the new ICRC report on climate and war, zooms into the ways climate change is exacerbating conflict in the Central African Republic.

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Covid-19 is driving a telehealth revolution — more diagnosis and treatment going 'mobile'

Healthcare in your home: your smartphone can now monitor blood glucose levels. (Christian Beutler / KEYSTONE)

Recevez chaque matin un résumé de l'actualité envoyé d'une ville différente du monde.

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When "Rains turn to Dust" in Mali

Nomad boys fill leather bags with water from a well at an oasis in Mali's Sahara Desert, north of Timbuktu (Credit: Keystone)

Part I of our "Rain to Dust" series based on the new ICRC report on climate and war, zooms into the ways climate change is exacerbating conflict in Mali.

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Temperature increase may reach +1.5° in next five years

Stranded boat on a dried out shore by Lake Gruyère, which experienced less rainfall this year than usual. (Laurent Gillieron / KEYSTONE)
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Critics say WHO's stance on "airborne" Covid-19 misses the mark

Droplets released by talking, sneezing or coughing contain a mix of large and smaller particles sols

More and more scientists believe that Covid-19 can be transmitted by an infected person's breath or speech, emitting tiny airborne virus particles that can travel meters. WHO now admits this can happen but is downplaying the risks.

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Big pharma’s bold plan to bring four new antibiotics to the table by 2030

Testing bacteria for resistance to antibiotics. (Photo: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)
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Climat et guerre: le CICR lance un appel à l'action

Un fermier à Sofara, Mali, raconte que l'extreme chaleur et la sécheresse suivies de pluies torrentielles détruisent tout. Samuel Turpin/CICR

"Quand la pluie devient poussière", le nouveau rapport du CICR

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The world's one billion "mountain people" speak out

Kempf family famer in the community of Oberalp, in the Swiss Canton of Uri, recites the alpine blessing with a milk funnel at the end of the day (Credit: Keystone)

From the Alps to the Andes and Malawi's Mount Mulanje, mountain people face common problems. The Mountain Partnership links them in a quest for solutions.