Geneva Solutions is a new journalistic platform dedicated to covering Genève internationale. We will be launching our website ( along with a daily newsletter in August 2020, covering daily news on Peace & Humanitarian, Climate , Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance, and Technology. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic we have opted for an early-release of our Global Health news stream, which starting April 2020 provides insights into how the institutions and people in Geneva are responding to this crisis.

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Post Script from the United States, Land of Fear

The White House barricaded in Washington for fear of peaceful demonstrations after the death of George Floyd. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Les promesses des médias publics pour un meilleur équilibre des sexes

Le sport est le pire secteur des médias pour la représentation des femmes. Elles n'y sont que 4%. Image extraite du documentaire de la RTS sur l'entraîneur de foot Bernard Challandes.

La proportion de femmes interrogées par les médias oscille entre 20-30% au niveau mondial. Pour tendre vers la parité, a lancé le projet Heidi Gender Tracker. Il s'agit d'un algorithme développé à l'EPFL qui comptera, dans chaque article, combien d'hommes et combien de femmes sont cité(e)s. Lectrices, lecteurs, testez l'algorithme, pour qu’il apprenne encore quelques subtilités avant de pouvoir le déployer pleinement!

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Geneva launches resilience hack to respond to pandemic aftermath

Sortir de la crise, la newsletter qui aborde les enjeux de la sortie de crise selon une thématique différente

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Economic recovery from Covid-19 - Lessons from South Africa

Waste worker in Bangladesh. Source: Kelly Lacy
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The United States - overcome by a "battlefield mentality"?

Members of the Washington D.C. National Guard stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, June 2. (Credit: Win Mcnamee - Getty Images)
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Like George Floyd, I'm scared every day... in Switzerland

Jacqueline Chelliah
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Women can help tackle climate change and improve security - UN Environment Programme

Women walking around Lake Chad which has shrunk by 90% as a result of poor environmental management. (Credit: Keystone)
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"The polls show a massive change of view about the protests," David Sylvan, Graduate Institute Geneva

Thousands of people break lockdown rules during a Black Lives Matter protest at Parliament Square in London. (Credit: Keystone)
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Including all actors in society is a 'foundation of everything we do' - Olivier Schwab, World Economic Forum

Olivier Schwab, speaking at the WEF in Sao Paolo in 2018 (Credit: WEF - Sandra Blaser)

Recevez chaque matin un résumé de l'actualité envoyé d'une ville différente du monde.

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The world wasn't ready for coronavirus - Will it be ready for climate change?

Government spending on green technologies creates more jobs than investing in fossil fuels. Jobs created per US $ 10 million in spending. Original data from Garett-Peltier (2017); visualization from McKinsey
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US $8.8 billion pledged For Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance – exceeding goal

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson presides at GAVI pledging event
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Can biodiversity rebound in the aftermath of Covid-19? A view from the animal kingdom

Three does (female roe deer) cross a nearly-empty road in Zakopane, southern Poland. (credit: Keystone)

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Battling Covid-19 in humanitarian "black holes"

Soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba, Somalia (credit: Keystone)
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Youth to play ambitious new role in "Great Reset" of the World Economic Forum - Davos 2021

More than 420 Hubs and 11,000 Global Shapers and Alumni to participate in Davos 2021 (credit: WEF)
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10 tips for a safe return to work - from an International Labour Organization working mom