Geneva Solutions is a new journalistic platform dedicated to covering Genève internationale. We will be launching our website ( along with a daily newsletter in August 2020, covering daily news on Peace & Humanitarian, Climate Change, Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance, and Internet Governance. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic we have opted for an early-release of our Global Health news stream, which starting April 2020 provides insights into how the institutions and people in Geneva are responding to this crisis.

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Debate over Taiwan stirs Geneva diplomatic circles ahead of the World Health Assembly

Taipei's Grand Hotel lit with the word 'ZERO' to mark absence of new coronavirus cases in Taiwan (Photo: ©Keystone, David Chang)
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The contact tracing application of EPFL and ETHZ will be tested from Wednesday, May 13

Alain Berset during the press conference, 8 May in Berne. | Keystone / Peter Klaunzer
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Stark choices faced as WHO member states prepare for debate over future access to Covid-19 treatments

World Health Assembly meeting in the Geneva Palais des Nations (Photo; WHO)

La newsletter qui aborde les enjeux de la sortie de crise selon une thématique différente

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Covid-19 triggers disarmament platform closure

Russian military helicopters fly over the Neva River during the general rehearsal of the Victory Day parade in St. Petersburg, Russia, 07 May 2020. EPA/ANATOLY MALTSEV
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Contagion or starvation: a dilemma facing 2 billion workers, says ILO

Laborers during their midday break at a construction site in Dubai, in 2014. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)
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Scientist warn about rare, but severe childhood heart syndrome linked to Covid-19  

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International cooperation - does politics always get in the way?

Ian Hurd, Director of Northwestern’s University’s Center for International and Area Studies(screenshot)
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La formule genevoise du gel hydro-alcoolique explose sur YouTube

Le professeur Didier Pittet, médecin-chef du service de prévention et contrôle de l’infection aux HUG (KEYSTONE/Salvatore Di Nolfi)
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Real-time data can help combat Covid-19 in Africa

Police officer checks a motorist's travel papers during the COVID-19 lockdown in Harare, Zimbabwe, 30 April 2020. (©Aaron Ufumeli).

Recevez chaque matin un résumé de l'actualité envoyé d'une ville différente du monde.

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« It’s a moment of collective reflection »

Anthropologist Julie Billaud: The pandemic offers us a chance to redefine our social relationships. (Photo: © J. Billaud)
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Covid-19 puts Gulf migrant workers «in dangerous situation»

Migrant workers wait outside a medical clinic in the Al Quoz neighborhood of Dubai, UAE (Photo:Jon Gambrell)
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USAID restricts developing countries' use of COVID-19 funding for purchases of medical masks, gloves and ventilators

A shipment of personal protective equipment from USAID on 6 March in Kathmandu, Nepal. (US State Department)

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Three leading global health figures lay out roadmap to reach billions with a Covid-19 vaccine

(Photo: Keystone)
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Coronavirus: Swiss Federal Council Releases CHF 400 Million in Humanitarian Aid

Ignazio Cassis during the press conference in Bern, 30 Avril. | Keystone / Alessandro della Valle
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Restaurants, cultural venues and sports facilities will be able to reopen sooner than expected

Guy Parmelin, Simonetta Sommaruga and Alain Berset, in Bern. 29 April. | Keystone / Peter Klaunzer