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"The pharmaceutical industry must put its patents on hold in the face of the coronavirus."

Deputy Director of MSF Access Campaign Dr Tammam Aloudat co-leads the campaign of access to medicine. | MSF

On  May 18th, the World Health Organization opens its annual meeting in Geneva. At the heart of the debates: the question of global and equitable access to diagnostics and to the future treatments and vaccines needed in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. While an unprecedented research and development effort is being pursued by the pharmaceutical industry, the question of future access to the technologies developed remains unclear. Who will be entitled to what? With what priority? And at what prices? In the face of this emergency, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is calling for a truce on patents and profits of the pharmaceutical and medical industry for its products useful in the face of the pandemic. Tammam Aloudat, deputy director of MSF Access Campaign, explains.

After a few attempts to take advantage of the crisis, the pharmaceutical industry seems to have largely rallied to the idea of serving the general interest in the face of the pandemic. Isn't that enough in your opinion?

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