Thanks to the interactive film technology developed for "Lateshift", Swiss director Tobias Weber has signed three film projects in Hollywood.

Will digital technology make us all artists?

By lowering the barriers of entry to creation, new technologies are democratizing production of and access to art and culture. It is still the Wild West but the start-ups that sell the shovels and pickaxes for this gold rush towards interactivity, participation, and co-creation are sketching out innovative paths. Especially since they are facing a new demand rising from the social transformations spurred by the digital revolution. What will you do with your free time when an artificial intelligence has replaced part of your job?

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Between 1979 and 1998, the "Choose Your Own Adventure” book series sold more than 250 million copies. Written by Raymond Montgomery, these stories allowed the reader to embody the main protagonist and make choices that would influence the course of the story and the outcome of the plot (you took the right door, see page 56...)

On the terrace of a café on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Swiss film director Tobias Weber explains how he applies the same recipe to movies. He created “Lateshift”, a feature film in which Matt, a student by day and a parking attendant by night, is taken hostage by burglars and engages in a dark scheme surrounding a rigged auction in London.

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