Given the importance of condition reports, Artmyn has improved its scanner to include ultraviolet and infrared analysis.
The miracles of art and tech | épisode № 08

Technologies tackle the opacity of the art market

In 2017, half of the 40 million works of art traded in the $63 billion art market were counterfeit or misattributed. New technologies are trying to solve this problem, making the market more transparent and also more accessible for investment.

It is an enigma of art history partially revealed by a five-century-old letter and a high-tech start-up in Lausanne, Switzerland. A little over three years ago, a Madonna of the Yarnwinder, a small wooden painting measuring 50 by 36 centimeters, was entrusted to the restorer Cinzia Pasquali in Paris. Having reappeared at a sale in the 19th century and now owned by a private collector, this work was accompanied by a mystery: is it an original painting by Leonardo da Vinci?

The mystery of the two Madonna

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