Maki Namekawa interpreted composer Philip Glass’ firts piano sonata with AI-generated images. Credit: Tom Mesic

Linz, the city transformed by digital art

Launched in 1979, the Ars Electronica festival, dedicated to the convergence between art, technology and society, has transformed the Austrian city of Linz. Here digital arts play a role similar to that of film counter-culture in Los Angeles or pop music in London. An inspiring model but one that, like the entire digital economy, is reaching a mid-life crisis.

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Adolph Hitler?! To explain the complete transformation of Linz, Austria's third largest city, digital art historian Jutta Schmiederer offers this unexpected reference. Having first arrived two years ago to see what is not only the oldest (40 years) but also the most influential digital arts event in the world, the Ars Electronica festival, I had not paid attention to this sinister ghost until now.

Cambridge Analytica before Cambridge Analytica

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