Based on 3D data from the digitization of the Relief Magnin, exhibited at Tavel House, visitors discovered Geneva in period clothing in the 1850s. Credit: Artanim

Cartographers of the mirror worlds

Video games and virtual reality increasingly rely on culture and history to create rich and authentic digital content. These nearly infinite ‘mirror worlds' offer us a chance to immerse ourselves in an unlimited number of stories and even travel back in time. They also valorize Europe's greatest asset in this emerging digital economy: its cultural heritage.

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Paris, July 20th, 2019, Ubisoft headquarters

The genocide in Rwanda, the Kivu war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Afghanistan... Djordje Kuzmanovic is a master in the art of geopolitical name dropping. And manipulating symbols. The places and moments he conjures from the sofa of a retrogeek-style meeting room at Ubisoft's headquarters evoke powder and blood.

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