At the "Collecting in the 21st Century" conference organized by Lombard Odier, Frédéric de Sénarclens demonstrated the potential of augmented reality to collectors such as Sylvain Levy and Etienne Verbist. Credit: Art Market Guru

"Arttech is a golden opportunity for asset managers"

Art dealer Frédéric de Senarclens created galleries in Geneva and Singapore before switching completely to online art sales four years ago. He operates through a gallery of contemporary art sales on the Internet, ArtAndOnly, and two sites: ArtAndCollect, a marketplace for collectors, and Art Market Guru, which provides information on new technologies in art. According to him, the convergence between art and technology is a godsend for the Swiss financial centre.

Where do you think new technologies have the greatest impact in art?

The last ten years have seen the emergence of online platforms, information aggregators and web-based art galleries. However, the relationships between the actors of the art market have not been radically disrupted. The art market remains one of the last bastions of the economy not to have been impacted by new technologies. That said, I think that in the next five years we will see a radical change in the way we manage and exchange art. Trusted third parties such as merchants, consultants and auction houses will have to adapt to a new set of rules. New actors will appear and some will disappear. Technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will play a major role in the restructuring of the art industry.

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