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Hijacking your brain | épisode № 03

The man who wants to reprogram your life - in 21 days

Mr. Brown is nothing if not self-assured. He claims to be able to hack into your brain's natural circuits with his algorithm. If your hi-tech fridge refuses to let you eat at night, blame this cool guy from Silicon Valley.

Mr. Brown still sounded the same after the 4th margarita – brash, animated, and assertive without losing a beat. We are sat at a swanky café a couple blocks away from Venice Beach boardwalk in Los Angeles talking about his love for this part of the country, and why he would not move the company he set up in 2015 at the age of 27, anywhere else. Initially named Dopamine Labs, it was rebranded to Boundless Mind in 2017 to reflect the vision of its founder - shaping people’s minds using irresistible apps that optimize artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

In my journey to understand better how our minds are being hijacked by the newly developed technology, I have come to California to talk to Ramsey Brown, a graduate of the University of Southern California, specializing in design, neuro-atom, computer programming and AI.

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