An image of Mehmet Geren for A Turkish designer, he uses digital collage, combining ancient elements with pop culture.
Hijacking your brain | épisode № 04

Quit digital addiction and touch a tree for 400 $ a day

In a glorious setting in Washington State, nature is used to heal addictions. This episode follows a troubling conversation with Ramsay Brown, understanding the importance of dopamine triggers in technology. Our journalist went to meet some of these teenagers who were once entrapped in their own digital fortress.

He is thin, pale, lanky. Not dirty, but quite untidy. Big glasses, grey eyes, blond hair covering part of his face. There’s no clear direction in his wandering barefoot and slightly hunched back exploring the overwhelming September heat around the big garden, stretching from the edge of the small pond to the front door.

He looks like somebody who hasn’t been exposed to sun rays and fresh air for ages. Which, in his case, is actually true. He’s a digital addict.

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