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Hijacking your brain | épisode № 05

A stormy conversation with Silicon Valley’s cherished devil

BJ Fogg sold his soul to Facebook. His tools made us scrolling animals. Unrepenting, the father of «persuasive design» still believes in improving our habits and pacifying the whole world through addictive technology.

People don’t talk with BJ Fogg: they book time slots with him. Fifteen minutes, that’s what he can afford to give away to each and every wannabe digital entrepreneur with a great idea in mind. Needless to say, every wannabe tech master would rather give up the idea altogether than give up on the chance to discuss it with BJ. It would be hard to blame them: Fogg has earned the nickname “The man who creates millionaires”, and few in Silicon Valley have reached that milestone without crossing his path.

Apparently, that kind of success is easy. So easy to fit into a formula that it has become Fogg’s signature: behaviour is the result of motivation, trigger and ability. Combine all three and you’ll have people changing the way they behave. Not to mention how they use technology.

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